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Leitzinger M2F Silver Plated Bassoon Bocal

Leitzinger M2F Silver Plated Bassoon Bocal

SKU: 217537123517253

M - Made of thicker metal 

2 - Length 

F - offers an extraordinary sound and is a special combination of different metals. Leitzinger „super bocal“


    Based on the traditional German sound, Stephan Leitzinger has created a completely new bocal type which combines modern requirements with traditional sound quality. Stephan Leitzinger has succeeded in achieving a sound that is equally rich in all registers while providing secure intonation and excellent response quality. Each bocal is individually soldered, hammered and bent by hand, then plated with either silver, gold or platinum. With these bocals the musician can play in a relaxed manner, be it pianissimo or fortissimo, while achieving the richest sound volume.


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